At the end of this past August I took a leap of faith, hopped on a plane and headed to good ‘ol Scottsdale, AZ to attend The Savvy Experience headed up by the one and only, Heather Crabtree. I totally hopped on the plane thinking this would be your standard few days of being inspired with a group of women I barely knew who may or may not accept me and I may or may not end up having any kind of meaningful conversations with, especially post conference. I didn’t think that I would end up crying (I know, me…crying…WTF) in front of a room of all of them or with them as Heather played Andra Day’s song Rise Up. And I sure as hell didn’t think it would inspire not just shifts in my business but encourage conversations that would change the entire course of it. One hour into my 6 hour trip there I was honestly just thinking, I’ll go, I’ll have a few nice conversations, jot down a few notes, and then I’m out. You know, exactly the same way most introverts handle awkward in-person networking events.

Annnnnd then the fear crept in. By the time I landed I was in full-blown “is this conference even going to be worth the money I paid—how the hell am I going to use this in my biz this year—wtf are you doing dropping in on a cocktail hour with people you met ONLINE?!” mode.

So pretty much we can surmise that I went into this whole thing pretty clueless and incredibly anxious about what I was about to step into.

And then holy shit I showed up to registration (which was impeccably done in Heather’s signature branding). It was game.on. full on business overload (in a good way) from that point on.

The Savvy Experience lit a fire under my ass in a way that anything else I’ve experienced this year was totally unable of doing.

I’ve never before walked into a room of 64 other women and felt like I could walk up to each and every one of them and strike up a conversation with no catty-ness, no one acting like they were superior to anyone else, or any of that other BS we sometimes worry about when a big group of girls gets together. I instantly felt like I had 64 new BFF’s. And the conversations I had with the ones I REALLY got to connect with helped me experience the big ah-ha moments you’ve been noticing behind the changes in my biz recently.

While I loved every single person I got to meet at Savvy (seriously, if I had the patience/time to write a recap post on every person I met there, I would), there were a few women who instigated the biggest shifts with their conversations that I’d love to introduce you to so that you can connect and start experiencing ah-ha moments yourself 😉

First up, Heather herself. The amount of energy she put into this conference and bringing us all together, was incredible. She’s a business powerhouse online and when you meet her in person she’s the most down-to-earth, welcoming person I’ve ever encountered. She genuinely wants to serve and support every single woman who crosses her path and it really showed in the conversations you could overhear her having with the other attendees. I don’t know if she will do The Savvy Experience next year, but just based on this experience alone, if there’s ANYTHING she puts out in the future that you’re remotely considering, take the leap and do it. The investment will pale in comparison to the leaps you’ll make in your business. And if you live in one of the 10 cities where she’s debuting the Savvy Meet-Ups, GOOOOO! Building relationships is the number one thing you can do to help grow your business right now and the camaraderie will help you in the moments you feel like it’s all too overwhelming and you’re gonna go insane. You can connect with her by checking out her Instagram stories or hanging out in her FB group.

Next up is my brand spankin’ new business manager, Cindy Maka. Before I even knew what Cindy did, I was inspired by how quick she was to jump in and help no matter the problem (like loading the car with 5 additional passengers and groceries. I mean alcohol. Ok it was alcohol.) and I was asking her what I could throw money at her for. In fact, I’m almost positive that’s exactly how I phrased the question. Turns out, she fucking amazing at problem solving and making things flow smoothly and I’ve got a business in desperate need of such skills. She’s always ready to act as the objective third party opinion when I was too stuck in my own thoughts, always ready to brainstorm, always putting the puzzle pieces together that I threw at her, and she’s pretty damn funny + genuine which you all know goes a million miles in my book. Get to know her better by creeping on her Instagram now.

Another great thing about Savvy is that it allowed for deep, meaningful connections with women because you were with them 24/7 for 2.5 solid days. And when you craft meaningful connections with someone, you oftentimes end up with new BFF’s and killer clients all in one human. This is exactly what happened with Jessica Rasdall. I’m totally not just saying that because she’s my client 😉 Jessica gave a powerful talk on how to turn your mess into your message that literally had every single person in the room in tears by the end of it and looking for ways to turn things that had happened in their own life into stories that were just as impactful for their own clients. I went up to her at the end and told her I didn’t have a story so what the hell was I supposed to do (because I was under the impression that if you hadn’t gone from rags to riches or had some trauma…you didn’t have a good story) and she bluntly replied with “bullshit.” Since then she’s challenged me to discover the nuggets that are compelling about me and what I want to share with the world and how to do so in a way that really impacts everyone I come in contact with. It’s been beyond a powerful tool to incorporate into my business. You can connect with Jess and her mini me over on Instagram and in her FB group. Oh and be sure to join her upcoming Story Bank challenge while you’re at it!

Dannie Lynn-Fountain is another person who challenged me to see things differently once I got home from Savvy and I don’t even think she realized it since our conversations were brief (we’ve totally made up for that since). Dannie is a badass PR lady who is fearless when it comes to exploring and trying new things. This girl has been to more countries than I can list off and makes a habit out of exploring somewhere new on a consistent basis. Meanwhile, I’m treating it like it has to be some big event that tons of planning goes into and I have to spend months prepping for. Spending more time doing and less time planning to get creativity flowing is definitely on the agenda as I continue to move forward thanks to her. She also has some fab connections as a PR lady which can be the difference between an ok launch and a HOLY SHIT DID I JUST DO THAT?! launch. So be sure to hit her up to hear all about her travels and how she can expose you in the best ways possible on on her Instagram!

At Savvy we all roomed in pairs. Some of us with people we didn’t know, some of us with people we did. I got lucky enough to get to room with one of my original mastermind ladies, Jessica Stansberry (which is perfect since I did a little peer-pressuring to get her to come). I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate. She was game for late night vent sessions, she didn’t snore (bonus points!), and is pretty much game for anything that requires an outgoing personality. Her tech game is also really STRONG. She was willing to jump in with whoever needed help with Convertkit being a jerk or wordpress plugins not making sense and offer her assistance. Her ability to make it sound so freakin easy has led to plenty of collab conversations since then. I’m excited to get them underway and blow your minds with them soon! You can get your own tech game up to par by connecting with Jess over on her hilarious sometimes of her farm Instagram stories, or join her FB group.

One lady I was super excited to connect with asked all the best questions, so much so that I’ve got them up on post-it notes in my office to check myself with as I flesh new ideas out. When I would share my idea with Nevica Vazquez she would routinely ask “what’s the purpose of that?” or “where is that going, what’s the bigger picture there?” which are questions that we need to be asking ourselves, we just get busy and so caught up in the excitement of our new idea that we forget to work out the answer. Her ability to take random bits of unformed ideas I was still toying with to implement in my business and reframe them as exciting fully-formed ideas was uncanny. Her business strategy skills are unreal and if you feel like you need someone to help you get an idea of what the hell this bigger picture even is, you can connect with her and get all kinds of inspo over on Instagram!

Reina, Reina, Reina. Reina Pomeroy, with one passing, off-the-cuff statement, made me realize something big and is part of the reason everything took off with such force. I am NOT a coach. In fact, I couldn’t be further from one. I was talking about how maybe it was 1:1’s that aren’t for me (instead of looking for 1:1 structures that actually did) and that what I hate most is having to argue with my clients about why they didn’t get anything done that they were supposed to from the week prior’s call. That’s when Reina say “well that’s when I dig deeper with them and find out if they were just busy or if something else was going on.” And it hit me like a ton of bricks. Reina asks because she’s a true coach. She’s great at digging deep and getting you to analyze things about yourself and your biz that you may not even realize that are keeping you from moving forward. I don’t have that gift, and that’s a-ok with me because I have others. Mine fall in the category of move over, I’ll just do it for you. That one statement from her caused me to re-evaluate I was looking at my own problem and restructure my offerings to something that finally feels…perfect. If you want to experience some of her epic digging, you can stalk her on Instagram and join her heart-centered FB group.

Last but not definitely not least, there’s nothing I love more than a good rule breaking session and HOW CONVENIENT, Courtney Johnston was there to encourage such behavior with sales pages. She gave a talk pretty much throwing down about all the necessary components you need to have a sales page that sells like hot cakes. And she did it with lots of Spice Girls thrown in which made my inner 10-year old totally fangirl. Most of all she helped me see the crucial parts I was missing that would really help take my services from occasional sales to HELL YES I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Which, hello? who doesn’t want magnificent shifts like that happening in their business in the span of an hour? Her carefree, funny, and ballsy attitude as a successful entrepreneur also made me excited for the things to come in my own business. I get so caught up sometimes that maybe I’m being TOO much of myself and that there’s only so much I can achieve riding that train, and then I get to connect with a badass like Courtney over deep late night convos in someone’s room with 4 other Savvies and realize that there’s no such thing as limiting yourself by being too much you. If you’re looking to get your sales pages on lock or just want to experience some of Courtney’s hilarious personality, be sure to creep on her Instagram stories and her FB live sessions.

So that pretty much rounds it out. The Savvy Experience was pretty much #lifechanging thanks to all the ladies who attended. I took none of my conversations with anyone who was there for granted and they all contributed in their own way to the ah-ha moments I’ve experienced in different ways (if I could list them all with everyone I spoke to, I would). These ladies deserve standing freaking ovations for the massive clarity they’ve brought to my business just in the month and a half since we all left that colorful bit of awesomeness in Scottsdale, AZ and I can’t wait to connect with them all again soon.

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