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At this point in the game you know that marketing is something you’re supposed to be focusing on. You know that it can’t keep falling to the bottom of your to-do list each and every freaking day thanks to the fires that feel like they’ll never stop popping up. The marketing activities you DO happen to get done are ones that pretty much consist of you waking up, winging a FB live video or email to your list and then going right back to putting fires out in your biz or handling clients. They don’t really tie into your bigger goals, they’re all last second, and they aren’t as effective as they could be. What’s funny is that a solid strategy + plan is the main thing that has a DIRECT impact on increasing your client + cash flow. You know that and I know that, so what gives?

Time. There never seems to be enough of it.

And the thing is…you have a team!

You’ve got a VA plus a random schmorgasboard of other people who can totally help, but they either don’t have the tech savvy, or they don’t have the strategy know how when it comes to marketing to really help ya nail this MASSIVE piece of the puzzle.

You could hire another person to take this off your plate, but your biz is in that awkward teenager phase where it’s making good money, but not rolling around on a bed filled with stacks on stacks of $100 dolla bills kinda money, so you gotta be mindful of where all that cash goes and it doesn’t make sense just yet to bring a person on for this kinda thing to be handled all the time.

Dream life would totally be getting to go straight to a badass (who’s name may or may not be Meghan) who will lay out #allthethings with you in less than a day so that you know EXACTLY what your strategy looks like and how to execute your plan with a VA or any other team member you’ve got.

One afternoon (or morning) is all it takes.

And the best part? They can be virtual or in-person, depending on your needs + budget.

Half day marketing intensives can be booked to tackle any of the following:

How these suckers work:

Once we figure out the best topics to cover for your business and establish a date we meet for a 4-hour intensive session to dig deep into your biz based off of a workbook you’ll fill out prior (so we can maximize our time together). We create a custom strategy based on your particular target market’s needs and then lay out what the plan of execution looks like and who will handle this sucker. Total perk? You can have up to two other team members in on the intensive. That way we can all make sure we’re on the same page and make sure we’re coming to the table with allllll the info we need.

To make sure tech isn’t the obnoxious little jerk that hangs you up, your team gets access to my resource vault filled with videos on everything from how to set up the right automations in ConvertKit to how to retarget warm audiences for your Facebook ads. Quick videos that show them exactly how to do it without wasting a ton of time on fluff.

#InPersonPerk: If you choose an in-person intensive date you get me training you + your team AND access to the vault for a true no excuses execution.

What’s the investment look like here? It varies depending on time + if it’s in-person or virtual + if you wanna have one with your mastermind ladies or biz friends, that being said they start around $2,000 for a virtual half day.

I recommend we start off with a call to make sure we’re a perfect fit and I am the badass boss to help you win the marketing game.

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