Hi there! I’m Maura and I want you to call you out on something. Stop Facebook stalking me. Or anyone. The habit of endlessly scrolling on your social media accounts might not be doing your business any favors and it could be hurting your business. You need to draw the line when it comes to the big social media playground.

Facebook stalking almost killed my business. I thought I was “getting inspired” and just “learning” but you know what I was doing? Procrastinating, trying to do what everyone was doing and feeling like crap because my business did not look at pretty or perfect as that other girl’s business. I mean why is everyone hanging out on a bridge in Paris and I’m just chilling in my PJs on my couch? What am I doing wrong?

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Social media is an amazing tool for your business.

It can connect you with clients, collaborators, partners and mentors. It can singlehandedly bring you all of your clients. It’s pretty awesome but how many of us get stuck spending hours and hours on Facebook groups thinking it’s what we’re “supposed” to be doing but really not getting anything done and feeling worse than we did before we went to work?

Social media can kill your creativity.

We decide we’re just going to check in on Facebook before we write our new ebook for an opt in. But then we end up falling down the hole of Facebook groups and then we see another boss who just released an ebook on the same topic as ours. So naturally we click on it to sign up for it because, you know, we have to research it. We start reading her beautifully designed ebook and immediately, we feel crappy because even though you haven’t written yours yet, you already know hers is better. Suddenly you think, what’s the point of even writing an opt in? You stare at your blank screen versus her beautiful ebook and you just think “There’s no point. It’s already been done.” And you just decide to do something else and to come up with an idea, maybe you should just surf through everyone else’s websites for inspiration.

Do you see the problem?

You shut your creativity up before you even had a chance to create. You effectively decided that your ideas weren’t worthy to see the light of day because you played the comparison game. You compared your not yet created idea with an already finished product and when you do that, the not yet created idea will always fall short.

My number one rule for my clients is for them to create before they consume.

Stay offline for the first hour of your day and get your blogs written. Delete the social media apps from your phone or turn off the notifications and stop checking it every two minutes. Declare one day a week your content day and take yourself out to that coffee shop that doesn’t have WiFi. Give your head the space it needs to work its imagination muscles.

The other result of the social media scrolling habit is that it can impact your confidence and make you feel like you’re not good enough.

It can cause you to make decisions that don’t align with your business but it looks right because everyone else is also making those decisions. It’s really easy to look at everyone else’s pages, feeds and groups and think that they must be doing something right so you should do it exactly like them. But you’re not exactly like them and your business isn’t exactly like theirs and you’re looking at a highlight reel, not the full picture.

The cool thing about having an online business is that there are no rules. There are millions of ways to make money on the internet. There are millions of possible clients out there for you and you get to create whatever you want, as long as it feels good to you.

There are millions of ways to make money on the internet. Click To Tweet

You have to stay focused enough on your own game that you don’t feel like you’re part of the race to be the next person who hits 100k a month (or whatever the hot number is these days). You can’t stay focused on yourself if you’re constantly surrounded by highlight reels of everyone else. You have to turn off your computer and tune into you and your genius.

If you think you need to cut back on social media then I highly suggest you start taking the steps now. Practice intentional social media use. You don’t need to be on 24/7 to build your business. Be intentional with your time and reasons for being on your favorite social media app. Use a timer or the StayFocused app to help you get and on get off when you’re posting for your business. Plug in the NewsFeed eradicator app so you don’t have a newsfeed and won’t get distracted. Delete the apps from your phone. Take a cue from Meghan and automate your visibility. Set a shut down time and ask a friend or a loved one to help hold you accountable and give you reminders that it’s time to sign off for the day.

You’d be surprised how even cutting back on social media just a little bit can enormously help you build up your confidence, creativity and the fun in your business. We don’t realize how much time, energy, confidence and creativity we have when we’re not down a social media hole. Be less present online and allow yourself to be more present to your life and your business.

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