Pick it. Pick it reallllll good. But please don’t eat it.

You can literally use your hour to talk about ANYTHING marketing related that’s going on in your biz you want. The 60-minutes is yours to use.

I’ve walked people through things like:

  • Not sure why that FB ad isn’t converting?
  • Have no freakin clue how to position your latest service or product so that people actually buy it instead of just say “oh yeahhhhhhh that sounds awesome!” but never actually fork over their credit card number?
  • Wondering why their email list doesn’t ever buy a damn thing?
  • How to determine if a FB group is the answer for your audience or not or how to revive a dead one?
  • What’s the best way to launch a beta offering?
  • Why isn’t my sales funnel converting?

This is PERFECT for you if you’ve been wondering any of the same things (or similar) or just want someone to bounce some freakin ideas off of before deciding on the best next course of action for your own biz.

FINALLY make a decision and move forward in your business without the constant second guessing.

Limited calls are available each month and booked on a first come first serve basis. Snag your spot soon 😉

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