While I was MIA over the last couple of months, I also stopped consuming a lot of content from other people. I unsubscribed from a ton of newsletters, stopped listening to most biz podcasts, and instead spent a lot of time investing in 1:1 work.

One massive thing that came to light?

I missed absolutely nothing.

I realized that most of the people I had been following—and even peers who I kept up with—were all marketing themselves the exact.same.way. and were branding themselves the exact.same.way. and talking about the exact.same.shit.


Beats me. I’d be willing to bet it’s because they’re all chasing a passive income pipe dream where they were told they could turn on and off a system that will generate six magical figures of income every time they flip the switch.

What it’s really doing though is adding to the white noise. That’s what most of these people turned into for me.


Clones of each other who were trying to appeal to allthepeople allthetime by making their advice one-size-fits-all.

The people who stood out were few and far between.

That’s the warning. The fact that this seems to be a trend. Everyone trying to teach #allthethings when they haven’t really done it in one big game of the blind leading the blind.

Let’s not do that.

As biz owners, when everyone is blurring together, how the hell are you expected to stand out?

Your positioning. (and ability to help someone execute, but that’s also a conversation that’s coming another day)

WTF is positioning? Your ability to fill a spot in the industry that no one else is.

Let’s be honest, there’s ALWAYS going to be someone doing what you’re doing. I’d bet a whole lotta money that you’re not some sort of genius child prodigy who is the ONLY person who can do what you do. So the chances of someone else also being a great designer, or marketer, or photographer are high.

And it’s not enough to be “authentic” or just yourself anymore. Hint: everyone’s doing that too.

How are you positioning yourself as different? What position can you take so that when someone else even tries to creep on your turf, everyone knows they’re trying to copy you and shuts that shit down?

Three questions will get ya started:

  1. What’s really at the root of your potential customer’s problem?
  2. How does your zone of genius (or even your current offering) solve that problem?
  3. What are your execution options?

What the answers look like in action:

  1. Time + Money + Execution. Shitty time management. Limited funds to invest. Lack of accountability with herself to actually execute. But really really really needs to learn the how-to of the marketing tactics she’s heard tell about so she can pull in leads to convert into sales for cash in the bank.
  2. Marketing genius (ha). It’s incredibly easy for me to connect the dots between the tactics and the strategy so they can start pulling leads in sooner rather than later to convert into sales and dolla bills in the baaaankkkk.
  3. A course. Courses. 1:1 call bundle. Single calls. Group program. Mastermind. Email/Slack consulting. Paid FB group. Membership site. Etc.

How you combine your answers is what matters. THAT’S your positioning.

First, I determine what execution method works best for me. I personally detest group programs so that’s for sure out. Not a huge FB group fan. I get enough slack messages. I ended up landing on a membership site.

Now…what makes this membership site different? Especially when everyone and their brother has one. If we refer back to question number one, I know that my potential clients have a MASSIVE issue with holding themselves accountable to really execute. *lightbulb*

Potential position: A membership site that charges one amount for access to everything for an incredibly limited amount of time. And bill it as 60 Days to Get Your Marketing Ass In Gear.

This is something I did a year ago and it worked like a charm. They had to invest in the site, so they had skin in the game, and they had a limited amount of time to hustle through all the information they wanted/needed to learn forcing themselves to plan accordingly.

It was actually one of my best selling offers to date.

Crazy what some good positioning can do for ya. 😉

Tell me how you plan on positioning your next offer in the comments!

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