At the beginning of 2017, I set a big goal for the year: visibility. I felt like I was in a good place in my business with clients, content, passive income, etc. But, I felt like I needed to really work on being more visible, and putting myself out there more.

So, I set a goal to be featured 35 times by the end of 2017 on blogs and podcasts. Whether visibility is something you’re actively working on right now, or going to in the future, there are a few things you can do to really make the most of those features.

1 – Choose your features wisely

You want to make sure that you’re associating yourself with the right people. Not every feature is created equal, or will enhance your brand. This can seem kind of selfish, but you just want to make sure your name isn’t in the mix with shady or sleasy people.

You also want to make sure you’re sharing content that is relevant to you and your expertise. This is something that I could have been better about this year. For example, I did a podcast interview about using Pinterest for your business, because it’s something that I know a lot about and it’s been a huge help in growing my visibility. But, I don’t have any services or products related to Pinterest, so was it really the smartest choice?

2 – Re-purpose your features

You don’t want to re-use guest blog posts on your own site (i.e. – I won’t be posting the content from this post on my own blog), because Google doesn’t like duplicate content. But, you can easily re-purpose podcast episodes and videos. Your audience will connect with you more via audio and video, so any chance to feature these is great!

Instead of just linking to a podcast feature, use it to write a quick blog post, and link to the episode. This should be more than just one paragraph stating that you were on a podcast, to really provide value to your audience. The same re-purposing can be used for videos! But, instead of just link to the video, embed it for some extra SEO benefits.

Extra bonus tip: if you have a YouTube channel, and you are a guest on other channels, you can feature those videos on your channel. Underneath the video, there’s an “Add This” button, which will let you add the video from that person’s channel, to a playlist on your own channel.

3 – Link to the features

Everyone loves to have an “As Seen In” section on their website displaying well-known brands that have featured them. It’s great for social proof! But, what about all the other “small” features? It sounds bad, but not every feature is created equal and needs to be displayed on the home page. (Not to mention, that could quickly become a cluttered page.)

I recommend creating a Features or Press page, to link to all of your features. You can separate them by category/topic, or by the type of feature. This gives you a chance to link to all features, in an organized fashion. You can still highlight the “top” features on the homepage, and link to the Features page on your About page, or in the footer of your website. These links can also help you boost some SEO, too!

I’m all about getting more bang for your buck, and using these strategies can help you get more mileage from your features! It’s great to share on social media when you’re featured, but that will be forgotten within just a few days.  If you’re already taking the time to be interviewed, or write a guest post, why wouldn’t you want to gain every little perk you can?!

BY: Jessica Freeman

Video Editing


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