I get it. You’re SUPER BUSY putting all kinds of random shit out there hoping like hell SOMETHING sticks and resonates with your target client.

Things like:

  • You send out random half-assed emails to your email list. Mostly when you need someone to buy something.
  • You get that Facebook ads are the next big thing you totally should be doing, but every time you hit boost post on your biz page you’re lucky if some fake account from some foreign country just LIKES it, let alone actually clicks on it.
  • You get the gist of a sales funnel but when it comes to actually implementing one…you’re lost and just hoping like hell that these few random emails you strung together make you a few sales so it doesn’t feel like a total loss.
  • Your blog posts (when you actually get around to posting them) are whatever you felt like posting/ranting about that day. No bigger all-encompassing strategy here!
  • When someone asks if you have a marketing strategy in place, you laugh and ask if posting daily on Insta stories counts. (Hint: It doesn’t.)
  • If one more person tells you all you have to do is slap an opt-in up on your website and BAM you’ll have an email list that can’t wait to buy from you, you’ll punch them. You’ve been sitting on an email list of a few hundred people for MONTHS and are terrified to send out an email now because every time you get one random sign up, it feels like 50 more unsubscribe.

And it’s time to be honest with yourself.

You have no.fucking.clue. what you’re doing. (At least when it comes to marketing. You’re baller when it comes to your zone of genius.)

So let’s just go ahead and STOP wasting our time with shit that adds to our to-do list but not to our bank accounts.


You know you need a steady stream of sales rolling in to make this epic dream of yours happen and to get a steady stream of sales, people have to find you and then fall in love with you.

But you swear to all things holy if the answer is one more fucking course that you’re never going to finish…you’ll lose your shit. (Where the hell are all these other bitches finding the time for that shit anyway?)

You know you need help. You know you need to get your shit under control before the referrals dry up. And you don’t want the same BS advice you’re finding in the blogs right now.

What would be really nice is if you had one of those businesses that all these guru big shots are constantly bragging about where you throw a few random products out there and BAM next thing you know you’re lying on a beach sipping margaritas listening to the sound of a cash register go off every few seconds on their phone from all the sales coming in.

Or—and this would be AH-MAZING—even just the ability to lay down on the freaking couch, binge an entire season of Stranger Things without the guilty feeling constantly in the back of your mind that you haven’t made enough sales today or you haven’t finished that freakin email to you-know-who yet. #itsthelittlethings

When was the last time that happened and how do you get THAT more often?!

The answer: marketing that works FOR you. You know, the awesome kind that appears when you know exactly where to spend your time and where to absolutely slay and be able to reap the benefits for weeks afterwards.

And I’ve got ya covered.

I’ve helped lots of other creative badasses like yourself (that you can meet right here—link to praise page) get off the referrals only train and get a consistent flow of clients + cash coming into their businesses with a variety of services.


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