Why Infusing Little Details Into Your Designs Makes it Easy to Stay Consistent Across All Media (and How to Do It)

You’ve probably heard it said again and again that “design is in the details,” and hearing it one more time may make you want to pull your hair out. I know!

If I spent the amount of time I want to pull my hair out actually doing my hair, girl, I’d never be rocking a top knot.

BUT there is so much truth to this message and I am going to show you exactly why adding small details into your designs can help you create brand consistency across all platforms and how to actually do it.

4 Simple Brand Elements that Help You Keep a Consistent Brand Image

By adding small details to every design you create on social media, you can create brand consistency. When your audience sees the same fonts, colors, or patterns in your designs over and over again, they start to recognize you.

Here are four simple brand elements you can incorporate:

  • Use the Same Fonts

Whether you’re posting an image on Instagram, Facebook, or another social media platform, use 2 or 3 fonts in the same nature each time.  This means you should have a specific heading font and a specific subheading font or body font to keep your message consistent. When your audience reads these fonts over and over again, they will start to recognize your work just by seeing consistent fonts.

  • Pick (and Stick) Your Colors

Pick no more than 5 individual colors (I like to select 2 or 3 main colors with a couple of options for supporting elements).

When you look at any of your social profiles or website, you should be able to see a common theme in the color scheme you use and it should be pretty obvious what your branding colors are.

For example, if you check out my Ally B Designs instagram page, right away you’ll notice that I use cranberry, soft pink, shades of green, white, and gray often in the images that I post. When you go to my website, you’ll see that those are my branding colors.

If you have a certain vibe or feel that you want your brand to portray, have a look at some color psychology charts to learn what emotions certain colors are symbolic of and how they psychologically make a person feel.

  • Create Patterns

One fabulous way to create visual consistency in your brand is to use background patterns and textures.

I like to create 3 patterns that you can use as background images on your website, quote templates on social media, or in your brand collateral. These can be simple patterns like marble or they can be crazy fun polka dots or watercolor brush strokes that make a splash. Some brands use stripes or floral backgrounds.

By consistently rotating the patterns you use, your audience will, again, recognize what belongs to you.

  • Design Special Details

Think about 1-3 little things that you can design like an icon, floral details, or imagery that can be added to create consistency with repetition.

Think of these as a visual representation of what you are trying to communicate. Just as you add images and graphics to a blog post to make it interesting, these can help demonstrate a point and send a strong message to your audience.

You’ll notice I use a metallic gold pattern in a lot of my fonts and a floral pattern for my social media share icons and for the background for some of the headline text I use on my website.

Not only are these visual elements fun to design, but they also help create brand consistency. This is key to creating a memorable brand–it tells the same story and showcases a repeated personality.

Now that you have these items identified, let’s talk about a few more ways you can use them and where.

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Use your brand details in:

  1. Your Stationery

Using details in your stationery is by far the best way to use patterns and icons. You might think that this is exclusive to product-based brands, as they usually have more use for stationery and packaging, but you can add them to your business cards, thank you cards, and welcome packets.

You can even create cute letters for your readers and add in these brand elements, too. I mean, who doesn’t love to get cutsie letters and they’re even more powerful when they work for you by creating brand consistency.

  1. Social Media Graphics

Facebook and Twitter covers are great places to add supportive elements that create consistency for your visual identity. You can also add your brand elements to Etsy Covers and even Linkedin cover photos.

  1. Post Templates

Having branded post images is also key to building your visual identity. While using stock images is a popular trend right now, break the mold and use icons, patterns, and illustrations to create your post templates.

You should also add these elements to the social media graphics you share. In fact, you can even have some branded Canva social media templates made, so you can pop your messages in and out and keep your brand consistent. How fun, right?!

  1. Sales Pages

If you offer courses or services and you need a sales page, add your brand elements there. As much as the copy on your sales page matters, the design has a huge impact on helping move buyers down the page and breaking up the text for better readability and connection.

Create icons that resonate with the content you are trying to promote, making it more inviting and relatable.

  1. Your Website

You can easily transform a simple web design template into something unique by adding custom icons or patterns to it. Just as you would with a sales page,  if you add cute details to the top or bottom of your web page you will make a huge difference in the design.

A custom header or footer does wonders in creating a brand look and making a template feel customized and personal.

Get started finding brand clarity and how to create consistency download a copy of my free workbook “How to Create an Inspiration Moodboard to Get Brand Clarity.”

BY: Alicia Bauer




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