You know how they say “don’t quit your day job”? Well that’s actually really good advice. Starting a business, let alone scaling a business, is hard. And time consuming. And expensive. And requires a lot of sacrifice. Don’t let that deter you from following your gut and pursuing your dreams; that’s why there’s vodka.

Okay, let me just say, I’m not an alcoholic, but did you catch the part about hard? Because not only are you juggling a day job that requires you to be fully committed with your time and focus, but you’re also running a business that requires the same and then some. So, with a cocktail in hand, here’s 5 ways to step into your CEO shoes and juggle the madness with grace.

Mindset = This is probably the trickiest of them all. (pause for sip). You’ll need to work on it, and keep working on it, as you juggle your obligations AND your dreams. Keeping positive and determined are the key to allowing you to deal with the ebbs and flows of business. One way to keep a happy and healthy mindset is reframing the situation: I don’t get to come home from work to work, I get to come home from work and play, AND I get paid to play. How does it get any better?

Patience = The thorn in my side. If you’re an anxious soul like me, this will be the lesson the universe teaches you over and over. Everything isn’t going to happen over night. It takes time to build the business in it’s entirety, time to set up SOPs, and time to build meaningful relationships. So every time your boss gives you a lecture that makes you cringe, smile with complete calm and walk away with grace because you know you’re building something bigger, doll. (pause for sip)

Acceptance = We’re adults. Adulting is hard. Accept it. (pause for sip). But look at it this way: your day job serves a purpose; every time you pay a bill, whether it is to keep a roof over your head or food in your tummy, be grateful. This vantage point makes it a whole lot easier to accept your day gig as you build your empire. That and your favorite cocktail.

Commitment = Fuck the hustle. Seriously? That’s a one way ticket to burnout. The idea of hustle is short term. Are you committed to building this business? Are you structuring it for sustainability? Then you’re in it for the long run. Fucking commit, love. No one’s stopping you but you. And don’t you think it’s time to step in your CEO shoes and give yourself some credit? (pause of sip)

Confidence = The key to success; whatever your ideal of success is. I have this theory: you can only take on so much advice and opinions (from others AND yourself) before you hit a place of “fuck it, I’m doing it anyway”. And you will fail. But not being afraid to fail is actually where confidence comes from; that and acceptance. Sometimes, we a need a little liquid courage to get us there (pause for sip), but embracing the “do it anyway” mantra is how you’re going to gain the momentum.

So first things first: find your favorite cocktail. Then, get yourself in the right mindset so you will have patience on this crazy beautiful journey. Acceptance isn’t easy, but it’s necessary if you’re truly committed and in this for the long haul. Once you slip on those CEO shoes, your confidence will be infectious, making momentum inevitable. For tips on how to take action with your business and leverage your brand, hop on over here.



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