You’re thinking, “referral famous. WTF is referral famous?”

Referral famous: When you’re getting clients solely from past clients + friends singing your praises—but totally not from your email list or your website…which you’re spending a fuck ton of time on each month to “nurture” simply because all these other internet biz owner people keep telling you that’s where the freaking money is.

Referral famous is great and all…but what happens when they’ve all bought? What happens when the FB groups close cause no one wants to pay to run one anymore?


Right? Talk about a shit show.

You need a legit marketing plan in place that keeps people flowin in on the reg—and actually buying—so you can stop lying awake at night worried about where your next client may or may not come from.

But you know this! You know there are all kinds of things you SHOULD be doing (mostly because all those internet gurus we mentioned earlier won’t STFU about them). You’re seeing people running facebook ads and launching killer products and know that could totally be you…if only you had the freakin time.

Where the hell do all these bitches find the time for this shit anyway?

Is there some magic time thingy like Hermione has in HP that allows them to do double the work in half the freakin time?

Nope. #sorry

And while I can’t speak for all those other biz owners, I can totally help you market the shit out of your business by:

  • Helping you figure out what the hell you’re doing wrong + how to fix it so you can get back on your game ASAP
  • Crafting a step-by-step plan so you can stop wasting time guessing (because if someone just told you what to you…you’re totally capable of knocking it out of the freakin park)
  • Help you launch that genius idea so that people actually whip out their credit card now instead of acting shocked 6 months later that you have the solution to their problem
  • Helping you lead people from free content upgrade to money in the BANK
  • Give you super easy to follow templates that are literally fool-proof when it comes to applying them to your own biz
  • Just freaking do it for you

And just who the hell am I?

I’m a purple haired broad named Meghan Maydel (#duh) who spends her days whipping women biz owner’s marketing games into tip-top shape. With 10+ years of being my own boss under my belt, along with experience working with big names in the advertising industry *cough* Apple, Trident, Converse *cough*, and helping schmedium sized businesses/teams get it together with their positioning to not look like amateurs and to actually be helpful instead of icky/sleazy…there isn’t much more that I love than the marketing game. I triple dog dare you to find a situation in this crazy creative entrepreneur world that stumps me.

Never sold to your list before? I bet your opt-in is confusing and totally unclear about how it leads into your services.

Launches sucking balls? I bet you think you’re Beyoncé and that you can just launch whenever you want without any lead up. Hint: You’re not.

See what I mean?

Let’s uplevel your marketing and get you bringing in a consistent cash + client flow. So you know…you can do fun adult things like pay bills and take vacations.

You ready?

Choose where to next on your adventure:


B- Barista Parlor. Hands down the best hipster coffee shop in Tennessee.

C- Cardinals. St. Louis Cardinals to be exact. Hometown represent!

D-Dogs. I’ve got 2. Yadi and Guinness.

E- East Nashville. My current home and the place that has captured my heart for forever.

F- Four. The number of letters in the words I love best. And the number of cities I’ve lived in so far. (St. Louis, Nashville, Miami, & Savannah)

G- Game of Thrones.

H- Halloween. There is no better holiday. Or wedding anniversary date.


J- Jessica Rasdall. My purple haired sister from another mister.

K- Kayla. My favorite sister. (Also my only sister. 😬)


M- Monograms. I detest them.



P-Podcasts. I’ve hosted 2. Right now I’m the bitchin host at Bosses & Booze.

Q-  Queen Bey. #fangirlfolife


S- SCAD graduate



V- Virgo. Holla!

W- Wizard of Oz




I don’t typically run around talking about myself in third person, buuuuttttt…just for you, here ya go!

Meghan is The Rogue Marketer, owner of marketing agency, MaydelMedia, and is a Positioning + Marketing Strategist for service-based creative entrepreneurs. She comes from a design and advertising background while also working extensively in the in-house creative field, helping companies discover their unique position and how to spin it into everything they do. Her sweet spot now is helping entrepreneurs get clear on how to position themselves in their marketplace to stand out from the white noise and teaching them how to leverage that positioning for dolla bills in the bank.

She comes from a design and advertising background having worked for one of Ad Age’s “top 10 agencies to watch in the U.S.” where she worked on campaigns for Volvo, Trident, Converse, and more. She also has worked extensively in the in-house design field, helping companies discover their brand story and how to infuse it into everything they do. She broke out on her own in 2014 and launched what is currently Meghan Maydel in early 2015. When she isn’t typing away at her laptop you can find her hosting her podcast, Bosses & Booze, planning her next Halloween display, and/or having a good laugh with her hubby and 2 fur babies, Yadi & Guinness.

Meghan Maydel is a sales funnel + marketing strategist + CMO-for-Hire for creative biz owners who are looking to finally get consistent with their client + cash flow.

Marketing done-for-you.
Marketing done right.


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